About Us & What We Do

E K Electronics Design is a micro SME based in Cardiff, offering a range of electronic engineering services. We will happily support projects and businesses in any way we can, from one-off consulting to ongoing technical support, and our flexibility enables us to work in a variety of scenarios. Whether you’d prefer to simply outsource hardware design, or need an extra pair of hands – E K Electronics Design is here to support your next project.

FPGA Modules/Architectures

Having worked with both Xilinx and Altera FPGAs, we can write Verilog modules for all occasions. Whether a complete design from base requirements, or the finishing touches, we can support your project.

Hardware Design

One of our strongest capabilities, we can support a wide range of hardware design needs – including high-frequency designs that require careful consideration. Designs in our portfolio range from intelligent power supply boards for complex systems to multi-layer FPGA development boards. We can deliver at a range of depths, including arranging manufacturing.

On Site Support

Need flexibility in your staff count, or prefer to work face to face? We can provide on-site support on a per hour basis and aim to be extremely flexible; Technical support is available for your project needs.


Think we know something interesting? Whether you simply want our input or would like a more detailed study of your requirements we are happy to offer consulting services across any of the areas we have expertise in.

Our Skills, Talents &


Take a look at some more specific skill and topics to the right, including new areas we are currently developing. We are always keen to expand our capabilities and if we feel that working with you may further our skill base we may adjust our rates to reflect this.

High Frequency Design 0
Prototyping 0
Arduino/Teensy Micrcontrollers 0
C++ 0
3D design 0
Laser based communications 0
Embedded C 0

Our Proudly Presented Projects

We are current supporting project Airstart! Specifically we’re helping Airbus Group Innovations by designing supporting hardware for their laser communications terminal.

Click on the images below to learn about some of our previous design work.

Contact Us For Questions Or To Say Hi

We are always happy to respond to any queries about our work.